Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekly update

Well still no pics I'm afraid. Not much to take pics of though. I've been working on my gift for my SS. It's going really well so far. I've put quite a few hours into it over the weekend cos I started to panic thinking I wouldn't get it done on time. I've done about half of it so far though. I'm also on my 4th poppy coaster so I'll have finished them soon hopefully. That's about it really.

Oh, except that I found a LNS well, more like a DNS! (D for distant)It's in Cardiff so I have to get the train and then a bus or walk. All together without waiting it takes about an hour and half to get there. It's quite good, sells a lot of stuff but they're not as friendly as my old LNS and the place is quite cluttered so it's hard to find what you want.

Rollercoaster ride.

Well after all the good news there was bound to be some bad to follow.

We spent the first weekend at our new house with no electricity because the meter needed resetting and then we had to cook with a camping stove because we had an electric cooker and the house only took gas. We had to buy a new cooker on credit and it arrived Friday. It's so nice to have proper meals again! We also have problems with the heating and lots of other little things that the landlord needs to sort out. Other than that I'm slowly getting on with the unpacking. I've taken 3 days holidays to try and get on top of things a bit more. I'll get there eventually.

Also most importantly, the day after my dad had his new kidney he had it taken back out because it wasn't working. Needless to say he wasn't best pleased. He's recovering now and is doing ok but he's still very tired and having to make regular trips to and from the hospital.

Though I do have some good news of a kind. One of my best mates from school recently made his debut in the West End playing a part in Les Miserables. He's a fantastic singer and I wouldn't be at all suprised to see him in a lead role in the near future. His name is Gareth Nash so watch this space!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dad's new kidney

My dad has been on the transplant list for 2 years and 3 months and finally yesterday he got the all important call. They operated on him last night/early hours this morning and he now has a new kidney. The doctors have said there's a 50/50 chance it'll be successful at the moment as there were a few complications but my dad's ok. I've just been to see him and he's very drowsy but his usual self. He asked me if I wanted to swap places with him. Sure I said - anything to get off work LOL! Just wanted to share my good news. :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I have a home! YAY!!

We finally managed to sort out all the references we needed and have an appointment to sign the lease and hand over the keys on Thursday. I can't tell you how glad I am to have my own house again. Housework, unpacking and everything included. Unfortunately it's a little bad timing as I'm at a convention in Cardiff Fri-Sun, which means Craig will have the pleasure of moving everything himself with my dad and Barry up the road who has a van. Hopefully all will go well though. Maybe now we can finally get ourselves settled.

A finish!!

I finished Somebunny To Love! I wasn't very well Thurs/Fri so I spent much of those 2 days and yesterday stitching. All I have left to do is add EJ's name, date of birth and weight to the bottom. I have already charted it out but I'll have to wait until I unpack my cross stitch stuff so I can find the chart.

Yesterday I also received my first package from my SS. I got a piece of 28ct jobelan from Polstitches called Warm Embers. It's like a warm peachy colour - pretty! I also got 7 limited edition hand dyed threads from Polstitches also. All in gorgeous autumny colours! Can't wait to use them.

Now I just need to decide which project to work on next...I mean I only have about 35+ to choose from. ;)

Pictures to be added this space...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Damon Scott with Monkey (Bubbles)

This is a clip from the auditions of Britain's got Talent. I thought it was so funny that I'd share it with you all. :)

Things are looking a little up.

On Craig's second day in his new job he managed to get himself a lift to work every day off his boss. As for the house well, things haven't gone quite as smoothly. The estate agents sent off for references about 2 weeks ago but we're still waiting for them to receive one more back. Not helped by the fact they sent some of them off wrong and Royal Mail went on strike last week. Despite that we have an appointment booked for next Thursday to sign all the paperwork off and then we'll officially have our own new home. Yay!! Can't wait!

All we have to do then is move our stuff from not only my gran's garage but what we have at my parent's house, my parents-in-law's house and my dad's friend's house. We managed to buy a cheap 3 piece suite from a place that recycles unwanted furniture. It cost us £56. I haven't seen it yet as Craig picked it but apparently it's a blue floral pattern. Not so sure about that. Anyway when they delivered it they couldn't get it in my parent's house so it's at my dad's friend's house. We also acquired a wardrobe through another friend of my dad's. It's one of those canvas covered slat ones like we had before which'll do for now.

I did get some real bad news this week that I was really gutted about but I don't want to talk about that. Otherwise things are looking up a little. Back to hoping and praying for one more reference to arrive at the estate agents.

My weekly progress

Well I think I've done quite well this week but have no pics to prove it as my camera is dead and I need the printer dock to charge it, which is somewhere in a box in my gran's garage. :(

I started on my 3rd poppy coaster. I finished the rabbit and one duck on my Somebunny to Love project - including the backstitching. I just have 2 ducks and the writing to add before it's finished. My SS gift is also coming along quite well though I've not done much on it this week. Mostly because I don't want to take it on the train and into work like I do with Somebunny.

I also got approached at work last week by one of the girls who wanted to ask if I would stitch something for her daughter as a present. Of course I agreed, not to seem mean, though I probably shouldn't have with all the commitments I already have. Never mind.

My goal is to finish Somebunny to Love soon and maybe even my poppy coasters. At least the train journey isn't such a waste of time as it could be.