Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nearly another year gone!

I can't believe how quick this year has gone. This time last year Seren had only just started sleeping through and was still a helpless baby. Now she is walking, throwing tantrums and being a general madam lol! I'm close to finishing the dreaded Flower Fairy and I can't wait. I'd like to think I can move onto something nice for myself but that won't happen. I have a long list of projects that really need doing first.

I need to sit down and work out my stitchy goals for 2010. So far they include completing my collection of Anchor threads and finding a decent framer. I don't like the one I've been using and she's expensive. I went to see about getting a birth sampler framed and I wanted it in a white box frame. She wanted to spray paint a wooden frame white! I want it to look professional not DIY - that's why I like to pay to have it framed professionally. Honestly - spray paint!

At least a new Hobbycraft has opened in Cardiff and I can buy supplies there. I'm afraid my nearest LNS is too far away and it is cheaper for me to use a ONS. It's a terrible shame but even though we now have a car, I can't justify the petrol to get there for just one or two threads.

Anyways I will end this post with a pic of the Flower Fairy (though it's not the most recent at all).