Sunday, November 26, 2006

Be warned! Long update!!

I can't believe how long it's been since I last updated this! Well, like I said be warned this might be long! Well, where do I start....

I got my Heartstrings back from the framers and it looks great! I need to correct myself on my total finishes though because I counted this and it's an exception in the rules cos it's a RAK. I also finished my stitched piece for my Secret Stitcher. Speaking of which I got my first parcel from my Secret Stitcher. I got a chart from my wishlist YAY! Some 14ct aida, DMC threads and a pretty wire embellishment. Oh, and a nice card. I've also had some real nice Caron Watercolours threads from my floss exchange. I sent my first parcel to my Secret Stitcher and just need to get some more bits for the 2nd one.

I took my L&L off my frame and decided to try the hook and loop tape with a different piece. I used my Forget-me-not Tablecloth instead because it had a straight edge and the tape worked a treat!! It's still not as taut as what I'd like but it's much, much better than before.

I started another project (yes, I'm hanging my head in shame) It's a teddy bear stocking and I thought that I could get it done for Christmas but I got way laid by another RAK project and now it's just a 'whenever I finish it I'll give it then' kind of pressie. My RAK project is a simple square made more difficult by the fact that two nights running I had to frog the same part. I finally figured out the mistake the 2nd night and now I'm on a roll again. Hopefully it'll be finished by Thursday to post. Then I'll get back to my stocking.

Anyway, I would've put up pics but it doesn't want to let me so maybe next time. I think that's it for now. I'm getting back into my PC stuff now I'm more settled in my new job so hopefully I'll be updating regularly again soon.

Dust and stuff

I'm having a break from cleaning. We've had maintenance in this week to sort out the rising damp in the kitchen and under the stairs. What a nightmare! They had to strip the walls back to brick and cover it in this foul smelling bitumen paint. Then they stuck plaster board back on the walls with expandable foam and skimmed it with plaster. Skimmed being just what they did. You can still see the scrim tape through the plaster. Now I know nothing about plastering but I sure enough know a bad job when I see one! Apart from that I have plaster all through my carpets and dust everywhere in every room. So far I've cleaned the living room and bathroom. Craig's gone out food shopping so I'm supposed to be getting on with the kitchen but I'm a bit lacking in motivation at the moment.

Apart from that I hate my new job! Though I'm back to normal hours now. I'm bored and I hate the way the entire company works. Oh it just makes me cringe thinking about it!! I think I need something a bit more intellectually challenging. Something where I can use my brain for once. I feel like I'm stuck in another part time student job rather than my first proper job.

I've also come to the conclusion that I think I should've been born like about 40/50 years ago. Then I'd fit in. Craig has commented on this in a round about way. I'm very old fashioned in my beliefs and values and my taste in decoration, music, dress etc. Oh well, never mind. I'd rather be old fashioned in my ways than into a lot of the sleaze that people my age (23) get up to nowadays.

Anyway, I was in the middle of sorting out passport applications. Better go finish them or we won't be going anywhere on honeymoon!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A very tired me!

Well, I can't believe it's been nearly an entire month since I last posted! I have worked my little socks off the past 4 weeks. My first week I did 68 hours and I haven't done less than 40 a week since. I 'm fed up and tired now though. I'm sick of the sight of Primark and never have the time to do anything at home, not even shopping or housework. Of course I've done some cross stitch but then that's relaxing at the end of a long day! I'll be very glad that from Monday I will only be working my contracted hours which are 2pm - 6pm. No more early mornings. Great!!

I guess the most important news I've got from the last 4 weeks is I finally got to see the specialist consultant at the hospital and finally got a diagnosis. I've been waiting since last December for this. It's just as my GP originally predicted...I have poly cystic ovary syndrome. The long wait has given me a lot of time to get my head round this otherwise I'd be a lot more upset than what I am. Even though I'm just a size 12 I've also been told I must watch my weight so no more chocolates or biscuits for me! I'm taking line dancing classes for exercise too! My next appointment is in April after our wedding when we will be looking to start a family. I just hope and pray that I don't have to go down the whole IVF route of things.

Anyway, that's it for now... I better go sort out my backlog of e-mail.