Saturday, July 26, 2008

Counting down the days

I finally have internet so I can keep up a bit more now. Well, I'll try anyhow. Can't imagine I'll be spending a huge amount of time on here once the baby is born. We're counting down the days now 'til 18th August when baby's due. We finally have everything ready. She has so much stuff it's unreal! She's been spoilt rotten by us and everyone really. Both sets of grandparents have bought big items for us and lots more besides. I haven't been as bad as what I thought I would be. After a while the novelty of being able to buy cute baby stuff wore off lol! I'm a bit more selective and practical now when I have the urge to buy stuff. I've just started my maternity leave and I'm enjoying it so far. I've been able to rest up a bit and I've had jobs to do each day to keep me going. I have a list of things I want to get done before baby arrives so I'm working towards them bit by bit. Anyway thought I'd share some pics of the nursery so far and me!

I hate my WIP!

I've been doing loads of stitching this week on my Flower Fairy. I started my maternity leave and in between doing other things I've been stitching like mad to try and get as much done of this before baby arrives. It's not for me but a friend wants it as a pressie for his wife. I absolutely hate it though. It's the most bitty thing ever. I have to change colours every 5 seconds and never feel like I'm getting anywhere with it. I've started taking pics of it each day just so I can see where I'm actually making progress on it. Anyway here it is:

I got my Lottie & Lulu Dolly framed while I was away by my old framer. He does such a wonderful job and he's quick. I saw him by chance on the Saturday and he had it back to me on Tues evening. Forgot to take a pic though. I only have some backstitch to finish on Daisy Chains and then I'm gonna get that framed the same way and put them in the baby's room.

I also spent a small fortune in my old LNS while I was in Wardle. Unfortunately the situation has become such that Kathy and Michelle are having to shut up shop and today will be their last day trading. It's such a shame! Soon there will be no LNS left anywhere especially not any good and decent ones. It's no wonder we're all having to use ONS for our supplies.

I'm also going to be updating my 'Stash to go' blog over the next few days so if you want some goodies get and have a look at that.