Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally Friday

I was really looking forward to my sewing class today so I could finally get my cushion covers finished and I did. Yay!! They look brill even if I do say so myself! I'll have to get a pic of my playroom so far so you can see the overall effect. Might have to finish painting the walls first though lol!

I also got the organising bug from my tutor, who spent the entire 2 hours sorting out the storage cupboard. I was the only one who turned up and it was a mess. Looks fab now though! I finally got round to sorting out the tall kitchen cupboard which now just needs a child proof lock on it. I also sorted out the storage cupboard with a bit of help from Craig. It's still packed full but at least it isn't sticking out of the top too much now. Wish I had an attic space I could shove all the stuff in.

I've done loads on my WIP this week but am struggling with the metallics. Good news though - a member of my Yahoo group ILCS kindly enabled me to buy new needles from this fab needle shop. It only cost me £2.30 for 10 individually wrapped size 24 gold plated needles inc. P&P. I ordered them last night and they were posted today! Just hope they're the right ones cos I wasn't 100% sure on the size. I like to get the small or petite ones especially if I'm stitching on evenweave. I'll have to add the shop to my links.

Gonna do an hour stitchin while watching Corrie now :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A new WIP and a little UFO

I got a bit of stitching in this weekend. Because I was naughty and didn't stitch on my UFO on Tuesday I did some Friday night instead. My UFO I've decided is Moonlight Bay which is the first kit I ever bought so it's about time I finished it! I've also got quite a bit done on my birth sampler for my friend Lucy for her daughter Faith. It's from a magazine and it's a pair of pretty shoes with lots of sparkly metallics and beads which I'm going to finish off with her name and date of birth (possibly her weight too). It's the first of a few birth samplers I have on my list of projects to do this year.

A different kind of stitch

I've been subscribing to The Art of Knitting for 90 issues now. The idea is in the 1st issue you learn to knit and each one you learn to make a different square and it all makes up into a throw. It also includes patterns, stitch library and other useful information and you get all the wool to make the throw too. I've been meaning to get down to doing it for ages but just haven't had the opportunity.

Last week what do I see on tv but an advert for The Art of Crochet! I'd love to crochet so after much persuading and a promise that I would start the knitting one I was allowed to buy it.

So good to my word, I sat down this week and learnt to cast on, knit, purl and cast off. This was my practice piece.
It's rubbish really but I was very thrilled with myself lol! The top and bottom sections are garter stitch and the middle is stocking stitch.

I also got a photo of my cushion cover from the other day.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sewing class bears fruitage

I've been going to a sewing class for a little while. It's quite informal so we don't have a set schedule of things to learn. I think most of the ladies know exactly what they are doing except me lol. So far I've learnt how to take up trousers properly, which is great because I've short legs and struggle to get trousers to fit. I also learnt how to make a slip on cushion cover.

I've had some fabric to make some cushion covers for my playroom -to-be for a while and the tutor cut out the covers for me before we broke up for the holidays. Tonight I made my very first cover all on my own! I did mess it up slightly though. I forgot about matching the pattern up on the back and didn't overlap the fabric enough. Lesson learnt for the next one! I'm still quite chuffed with it though.

Flower Fairy finally finished!!!!!

Here's my first finish of 2010. It's taken me nearly 2 years to finish (on/off). It's for a gentleman who asked me to do it as a present for his wife. It is lovely but I wouldn't stitch one again. Now I just need to clean, iron and post it.