Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sewing class bears fruitage

I've been going to a sewing class for a little while. It's quite informal so we don't have a set schedule of things to learn. I think most of the ladies know exactly what they are doing except me lol. So far I've learnt how to take up trousers properly, which is great because I've short legs and struggle to get trousers to fit. I also learnt how to make a slip on cushion cover.

I've had some fabric to make some cushion covers for my playroom -to-be for a while and the tutor cut out the covers for me before we broke up for the holidays. Tonight I made my very first cover all on my own! I did mess it up slightly though. I forgot about matching the pattern up on the back and didn't overlap the fabric enough. Lesson learnt for the next one! I'm still quite chuffed with it though.

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