Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some more finishes

I finally got round to finishing my special commission last weekend. It's been a UFO for so long I'm sure the guy who asked me to do it has even forgotten about it himself. It was just a matter of actually sitting down and finding matching colour threads to finish it off. I improvised slightly in places as I didn't have proper instructions or a picture on how it was supposed to look like but I think it came out ok. It didn't really need too much doing anyway. Just some touching up in places and filling in the unstitched bits. Now I can take it to Wardle next week and give it back finally.

I also got my Baby Girl Sunshine Line back from the framers. I should've had Shoes back too but it wasn't ready. It'll be another fortnight at least now before I'll be able to go back and get it. I'm really unhappy about it especially since she had 3 weeks to do it and it's not a big piece. Anyway here's the finished piece.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some pics at last!

I finally have broadband! So here's some recent pics. Knew I'd get them up eventually lol!!

Poppy coasters
Baby Girl Sunshine Line (at framers)SS gift for CJ PeckShoes for my friend Natalie (at framers)Small get well card for Natalie's mum