Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A new plan of action

Since I got my stitching bug back I've been trying to juggle quite a few projects. On Friday I finally gave in and went back to the same framer I used before to get a project framed that's been around the house for over a year. Since she is going on holidays and I was in no rush anyway I've got 5 weeks before I pick it up. Then I thought if I finish the others I want done before then all the better. So I sat down and made a list of priority projects which went something like this...

  • Feathers & Friends (5 blocks a week)
  • Baby Boy Sunshine Line
  • Birth sampler - Poppy
  • Birth sampler - Sophie
  • Find 2 more birth samplers for Francesca and Daisy

I decided to try and finish Feathers & Friends for my parents wedding anniversary but at 5 blocks a week it might not happen though I have been working on it.

Baby Boy Sunshine Line is for my nephew who is already over a year old. I've done a little on this too.

I started the sampler for Poppy, well the papercraft part of it anyway when she was born. I wasn't sure about doing it but while we were on holiday I actually got to meet Poppy and her mum and now know it will be appreciated so I have done quite a bit of the stitching since. It is the same pattern as the one I am having framed so I'm hoping to finish it in the 5 weeks then if the framed one looks good then I'll have that done too. I changed the colours from pinks to reds for Poppy and am hoping it looks okay!

The sampler for Sophie is the matching one to the finished one I was having the framing dilemma over. I've decided I'm going to lace them up to the foam core myself and take them down with the frames and get the framer to cut a narrow mount for them. Possibly. :D

As for Francesca and Daisy...I already done this beautiful project for Francesca's older sister...

and just can't find something as nice and unique for her. The project currently at the framers is for Daisy's older sister and looks something like this...

and I can't decide whether to do a matching one for her (maybe in pale yellows instead?) or a different one.

So there's my plan of action LOL!