Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dust and stuff

I'm having a break from cleaning. We've had maintenance in this week to sort out the rising damp in the kitchen and under the stairs. What a nightmare! They had to strip the walls back to brick and cover it in this foul smelling bitumen paint. Then they stuck plaster board back on the walls with expandable foam and skimmed it with plaster. Skimmed being just what they did. You can still see the scrim tape through the plaster. Now I know nothing about plastering but I sure enough know a bad job when I see one! Apart from that I have plaster all through my carpets and dust everywhere in every room. So far I've cleaned the living room and bathroom. Craig's gone out food shopping so I'm supposed to be getting on with the kitchen but I'm a bit lacking in motivation at the moment.

Apart from that I hate my new job! Though I'm back to normal hours now. I'm bored and I hate the way the entire company works. Oh it just makes me cringe thinking about it!! I think I need something a bit more intellectually challenging. Something where I can use my brain for once. I feel like I'm stuck in another part time student job rather than my first proper job.

I've also come to the conclusion that I think I should've been born like about 40/50 years ago. Then I'd fit in. Craig has commented on this in a round about way. I'm very old fashioned in my beliefs and values and my taste in decoration, music, dress etc. Oh well, never mind. I'd rather be old fashioned in my ways than into a lot of the sleaze that people my age (23) get up to nowadays.

Anyway, I was in the middle of sorting out passport applications. Better go finish them or we won't be going anywhere on honeymoon!

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