Thursday, July 05, 2007

My weekly progress

Well I think I've done quite well this week but have no pics to prove it as my camera is dead and I need the printer dock to charge it, which is somewhere in a box in my gran's garage. :(

I started on my 3rd poppy coaster. I finished the rabbit and one duck on my Somebunny to Love project - including the backstitching. I just have 2 ducks and the writing to add before it's finished. My SS gift is also coming along quite well though I've not done much on it this week. Mostly because I don't want to take it on the train and into work like I do with Somebunny.

I also got approached at work last week by one of the girls who wanted to ask if I would stitch something for her daughter as a present. Of course I agreed, not to seem mean, though I probably shouldn't have with all the commitments I already have. Never mind.

My goal is to finish Somebunny to Love soon and maybe even my poppy coasters. At least the train journey isn't such a waste of time as it could be.

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