Thursday, July 05, 2007

Things are looking a little up.

On Craig's second day in his new job he managed to get himself a lift to work every day off his boss. As for the house well, things haven't gone quite as smoothly. The estate agents sent off for references about 2 weeks ago but we're still waiting for them to receive one more back. Not helped by the fact they sent some of them off wrong and Royal Mail went on strike last week. Despite that we have an appointment booked for next Thursday to sign all the paperwork off and then we'll officially have our own new home. Yay!! Can't wait!

All we have to do then is move our stuff from not only my gran's garage but what we have at my parent's house, my parents-in-law's house and my dad's friend's house. We managed to buy a cheap 3 piece suite from a place that recycles unwanted furniture. It cost us £56. I haven't seen it yet as Craig picked it but apparently it's a blue floral pattern. Not so sure about that. Anyway when they delivered it they couldn't get it in my parent's house so it's at my dad's friend's house. We also acquired a wardrobe through another friend of my dad's. It's one of those canvas covered slat ones like we had before which'll do for now.

I did get some real bad news this week that I was really gutted about but I don't want to talk about that. Otherwise things are looking up a little. Back to hoping and praying for one more reference to arrive at the estate agents.

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