Sunday, July 08, 2007

A finish!!

I finished Somebunny To Love! I wasn't very well Thurs/Fri so I spent much of those 2 days and yesterday stitching. All I have left to do is add EJ's name, date of birth and weight to the bottom. I have already charted it out but I'll have to wait until I unpack my cross stitch stuff so I can find the chart.

Yesterday I also received my first package from my SS. I got a piece of 28ct jobelan from Polstitches called Warm Embers. It's like a warm peachy colour - pretty! I also got 7 limited edition hand dyed threads from Polstitches also. All in gorgeous autumny colours! Can't wait to use them.

Now I just need to decide which project to work on next...I mean I only have about 35+ to choose from. ;)

Pictures to be added this space...

1 comment:

June said...

Congrats on finishing Somebunny - looking forward to seeing a pic. :)

Your new stash sounds lovely, any chance of seeing a pic of the fabric and thread? It sounds really pretty!