Friday, November 12, 2010

Yay it's Friday!

It's nearly the weekend and since Craig isn't working I get a nice lie in tomorrow and a chance to get some housework done while he keeps an eye on Seren.  I'm on a mission to sort out our spare bedroom since all the junk from every other room has found it's way in there. This is stitchy related since included in the junk is a load of cross stitch magazines and various bits which need sorting! I did start yesterday but didn't get much done. 

I did sort out my knitting last night though. Then I decided to do a row on a square I'd started and did it wrong! The square is in moss stitch but I started on the wrong stitch. What a donut! I don't even know how to undo the row so I've had to put it on a stitch holder 'til I can get someone to sort it out for me. I'll learn eventually but I'm finding it much harder than cross stitch at the moment. Once I start to learn the finer technicalities of knitting I'm sure it'll all come together : )

On a stitchy note I've been carrying on with Feathers & Friends though I have another project in my head!! I will resist the temptation to carry that through at the moment!


Meari said...

Good luck with your spare room sorting. My room needs cleaned AGAIN!

Carolyn NC said...

Nice progress on your stitching (below) and keep up the good work!