Monday, November 08, 2010

Lots of WIP and pics too!

I handed in my childminding registration form on Thursday after a year and a half of work. I finally did it! Now I can spend my evenings doing whatever I like and the only thing I need to feel guilty about is not doing housework!!  So I spent most of the weekend either stitching or doing housework LOL!

I worked on my Summer Sampler for half the weekend and then changed to Feathers & Friends. I'm starting to get used to my mobile phone software now and got these pics uploaded on my PC in no time today. Yay! 

I was going to see if I could finish this by December but there's no chance of that so I'm aiming for April instead. 

I really need to get back into my knitting too. I'm running out of space to keep all the balls of wool especially since I'm getting the Art of Crochet mags too. I'll have to get it all out this week and have a sort out. Saying that I'll be glad when the knitting series ends. I really can't afford it anymore but won't cancel it when I'm already 130+ issues in. I think there's only 10 left thankfully!


Hishandmaid said...

The sampler is lovely! Now that you have more time, it will be fun to check up on your posts! I'm "following" you now!

Angharad said...

Aww thanks! Now I'm being 'followed' I'll have to make sure I update my blog then xx :D