Friday, October 06, 2006

Yay a finish!

Well it's been a busy week! I finally finished the first part of my Heartstrings project. YAY!! 1 down, 9 to go for my project challenge. I don't have a finished picture cos I finished it on the bus on the way to getting it framed. I should have it back on Saturday so I'll take a picture then. I was so glad to finish it! I picked out the pattern thinking it wouldn't take that long but it's taken ages. Now I just need to finish the second one and get that framed.

I put Lottie & Lulu Dolly to one side and decided to stitch it on aida instead. So far I've got about three quarters of it done so I will probably finish it this weekend. I'm going to keep all my Humphrey's corner pieces unframed. Then when I've got quite a few done I'm gonna make them into a big wall hanging instead of having loads of them in frames.

I signed up for the Secret Stitcher on my group so I've been busy hunting down info and deciding what stash to buy. I also got a load of really good cross stitch books from the library yesterday and have picked out quite a few projects I want to do. One book is all Native American stuff and so I've written up lists of what I need to get for 3 pieces, all for Craig's bestmate. I really like them myself but I wouldn't know what to do or where to put them in my house so at least this way I get to stitch them and they go to a good home. I MUST finish my 10 project challenge first though!!

Next on my hitlist after Lottie is Feathers & Friends. I also need to get cracking on the Forget-me-not Tablecloth and L&L The Wedding. Which reminds me...I bought some hook and loop tape this week so I'm gonna try using that on my L&L to attach it to my scroll frame. Hopefully it'll work!

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