Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A unwanted stitching break

Well I'm on a break from stitching. Not intentionally trust me! Too many other things crowding out my stitching at the moment.

I have got some done on my Heart Strings project. I've pretty much finished the one piece except for the backstitch and the bits I was gonna do in sparkly thread. I haven't had the time or money to match and buy the sparkly thread I wanted so I'm just gonna finish it off in normal DMC. Then I just need it framed and I can take a pic and post it off. Then you can see it! Oh, I did get some beads for it from a LNS in Deal, Kent last week. A real nice shop on the seafront. Sold mostly knitting yarn but had Anchor threads and wool and a few different kits and such. He also sold fabrics which was cool. A friendly guy served me.

I tidied up my stitching corner again yesterday. Rearranged some stuff in my sewing box, put things away. I got some floss for one of my trades this week so I spent ages writing out the bobbins and re arranging all my threads. I have 3 boxes of DMC now. My Anchor threads are quite neglected at the moment. Once I've all the DMC I will start back on my Anchor threads. I'll get them from my LNS though. Have to do my bit to keep it going I guess!

Anyway, I better go. I need to sort out my group mail. I had to have my PC wiped clean this week so now I have to set up Thunderbird all over again and I can't remember how to do it!

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