Tuesday, September 05, 2006

White Cliffs of Dover

So last week we went me, Craig and his mum to visit his bro and family. It was the first time I'd met them. I had to get used to people calling me Auntie Azzie or Auntie Angharad! My niece to be, Sydney, is an absolute gem! She's so polite and very sweet! She's coming up to 3 years old but you wouldn't think it from looking at her. Here's me, Sydney and her mum Claire at Dover Castle:

We all had a wonderful day at Dover Castle. It was the only day when the weather was glorious! I also got the chance to ride on one of Claire's Shire horses! They're huge! It's the only thing we didn't get photos of actually. It was a really nice break away altogether. Oh and we were fed really well!! His bro is a chef and Claire is a great cook too. It was like I'd died and gone to food heaven! Anyway, I'll try and upload all my photos to my album tomorrow for people to nosy at!

Apart from that I'm having a real horrid week but I won't go there or I'll be here all night. 'Til next time enjoy the view:

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