Saturday, January 29, 2011

A little progress on everything!

I've actually managed to get more stitching done than I expected but not enough to warrant pics since I've been switching between projects. I also kitted up a magazine chart into a kit for a dear friend. I must put it on my To Do list because I love it too! I found some stash I fancied today on someone else's blog. These are called Lavender Tumbles and I found them on the Cross Stitch Guild website. Can't decide which colour I like best.


Then while I was searching for said Lavender Tumbles on Sewandso it came up with this kit which is also quite pretty. It's Lavender and Snow Pearls Biscornu kit and I think it was Polstitches. Bit out of my price range though at £13.50!

I also really like the Embroideress but 1) the whole kit is way out of my price range and 2) I don't think I'm quite that skilled with a needle yet!!

Maybe one day....

As for the house, the kitchen ceiling is finished but we don't know what is happening with the floor. The landlord hasn't spoken to us and we've banned his father from coming to the house because the last time he just walked in and proper laid into the gas man who was fixing the boiler and then had a go at me on the way out. I'm not putting up with that! I'm surprised the gas man came back to finish fixing the boiler. We've started cleaning up the mess now but the insurance isn't going very quick.

Anyway the good news is we may be moving out so watch this space for less stitching and more packing :((  Poor us our married life has seen us through 4 addresses now. My packing record is the whole house in 5 weeks! And we said we wouldn't move again until we bought a house...damn useless landlords!!

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