Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little bit of stitching

In between everything that's happened lately I managed to get a little stitching in. I stitched a bit on my Summer Sampler before I ran out of a few colours and since I wasn't at home to refill I started back on Baby Boy Sunshine Line. I finished off the beading and backstitch on the boat and the giraffe. I can't see me getting much stitching in for a while anyway but I want to try and get this project finished.

While we were spending the holidays with Craig's parents (a once in a blue moon opportunity) some pipes burst and our kitchen ceiling collapsed, flooding the kitchen and playroom. What made it worse was because we were painting the livingroom we had been living downstairs and moved everything to that room. So we had to cut our holiday short and come home. Well, my parents home since we had no electrics, heating, kitchen....

We've moved back to our own house now but don't have the use of the kitchen or basement room. We have a makeshift kitchen on the livingroom windowsill and are going to my parents for food and laundry. The insurance claim for our contents is progressing well at least but the landlord is a bit slower on his part. The kitchen ceiling is nearly finished but the downstairs floor needs replacing.  I've got so much to clean and wash including the kitchen from floor to ceiling.

I am worried about the whole thing since the landlord's father has done most of the fixing work and I don't trust the man as far as I could throw him. I'm not sure what is going to happen with the floor. I am also awaiting the all important phone call from the CSSIW for my inspection since I am in the process of registering as a childminder. At the moment there is no way I am ready for that!


Emily in NC said...

Yikes that does not sound happy at all. Hope the insurance comes through and things get fixed quickly and properly.

Angharad said...

Thanks Emily x