Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stitching away the hours

I don't think I've ever spent so much time stitching as I have the last couple of weeks. I finally got real bored of the Flower Fairy this week and decided to do a small bookmark for a change. It was a cover kit on a x stitch mag I bought many years ago. I was pretty much a novice back then and didn't realise I was supposed to stitch over two threads and messed it all up. It's a lovely peacock and I finished it in 2 days - pretty quick for me - though it was pretty straightforward. I just need to make it up now. I also finally picked up Daisy Chains and finished the back stitch and french knots. I'll get that off to my fave framer as soon as he's back from the USA. I also started another Humphrey's Corner for the baby's room called Secrets. Actually I only meant to sort out the threads and prepare the kit to start stitching on and decided I may as well do a few stitches in the centre just to start it. Which is what also happened with my Baby Boy Sunshine Line which I am now stitching for my new nephew Kyle. I've made a good start on that one but it stitches up so easy. I'll have to add some pics tomorrow. My camera is in my hospital bag as I'm due today and so could go into labour at any time. Hopefully sooner rather than later...

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