Friday, June 08, 2007

The things customers do...

I work at Primark as you all know. For the non-UK readers Primark is a high street chain store retailing in clothes, mainly for people in their 20's/30's. They sell the current fashion trends but at a fraction of the cost of most other stores. I would say it's probably the cheapest clothes store in the UK but don't quote me on that. They also sell menswear, childrenswear and homeware in some stores, dependant on the size of the store.

I usually work on the tills but I've done most other jobs in the store as well and it always amazes me what customers will do. These are my top 3 unforgivable crimes to commit in Primark:

No 3: Customers who insist on unpacking everything
This may be a petty point but I have good reason. The space to work with in between each till isn't large and we are expected to neatly pack all the customers goods into bags working in this space. Thus, when a customer comes to you with a basket full of goods and then insists on taking every item out and putting it on the counter in front of you it's neither helpful or conducive to me being able to serve you any quicker. All the customer has done is fill up my entire working space so I have nowhere to fold and pack. It's not the worst offence by far but it's a point I want to make. My job is to unpack your basket of goods, fold them neatly (with or without hangers) and pack them into bags. Please let me do my job?!

No 2: Customers trying clothes on, on the shop floor
Now I have no problem generally with customers who do this, as the queue for the fitting rooms is quite atrocious at times. However, I do find it very rude when certain customers, sometimes blatantly in front of me, proceed afterwards to leave the clothes they've tried on, off the hangers, inside out, on the floor, strewn all over the place or in any other manner of disarray apart from where they got it from. Would it take these customers 5 mins to put them back where they got them from? I don't think so. Simple respect and courtesy is all that's needed here.

No 1: Customers talking on mobile phones whilst being served
I don't know about anyone else but I find it extremely rude and ignorant when I am trying to serve someone and all they are interested in is the conversation they are having on the phone. I'm usually made to resort to sign language and pointing to communicate such things as, 'Would you like your hangers?' or, 'Please put your card in the machine.' Again it's a simple matter of showing some manners. The same way that simple manners refrain me from loudly telling the customer in question that I find it very rude and ignorant.

To all offenders - you know who you are - don't do it again! It's not nice and it's not good manners!

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