Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy days!

Good news today - DH got a job! He's gonna be working in a food and drink manufacturing company. He'll be doing weekly rotating shifts (6am-2pm or 2pm-10pm) and gets 2 litres of free fruit juice every week which is definately good because I love apple juice! Though we haven't quite worked out how he's getting there yet as it's about 15 mins away in car and neither of us drive.

As for me, I'm just glad the weekend is upon us. It's been a hard slog at work this week, it's really dragged and I've done something to my shoulder joint so it's been quite painful. I learnt something interesting today actually. On enquiring at the Post Office whether I could send certain goods to the USA, I found out it's prohibited to send cotton seeds oh, and radioactive viruses LOL! I'm sure the clerk said anything derived from cotton also but I must be hearing things because that would mean I couldn't send any cross stitch stuff to the USA.

My biggest discovery today though was a pottery shop in the indoor market in Cardiff city centre. Sounds boring but there's a story behind it. An old friend of mine has this cup and saucer in her house and it's really pretty and I love it. A few years back I found a plate of this exact pattern in a charity shop and noted the maker so I could look it up. I eventually found out it was a pattern called Rosebud once manufactured by Royal Duchess. (Quite a small company compared to the likes of Royal Worcester and Royal Doulton.) I looked high and low for somewhere that sold this china and didn't find anywhere. I wanted to get it as a wedding present. Anyway it don't take no genius to work out what I found in this pottery shop...the exact china! Only problem I have now is that my mum and dad bought us an entire fancy dinner set just last December for special occasions. So I have to convince DH that we really do need 2 dinner sets because the one I love is just too pretty not to have!!! :) Look SO pretty......

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