Thursday, May 24, 2007

Moved again!

This year just seems to be getting more and more stressful. Now the plan was to be happily married and settled in Oldham with money to enjoy for a change after paying off all the wedding. Ye right.... instead 2 weeks after our wedding Craig was made redundant. He also decided he wanted to move to Wales so we did last weekend.

At the moment we're homeless, living with my parents while storing our stuff in my gran's garage, and very broke because it took all the money we had to move. Only because his cousin had booked a Luton van to move us and then the day before it turned out he wasn't allowed it cos he had 6 points on his licence. Instead we had to use his van which is quite small to move everything. They did 3 runs back and fore (3 1/2 hours each way) and there's still stuff in our old house. It cost us £200 in petrol.

At least I have a job. I got a transfer to Primark in Cardiff but I couldn't get full time hours and it's taking me 3 hours to get to work and back every day when I only work 4 hours. It's also costing me a day's wage to get there every week so I'm not very impressed. The only positive thing about it is that I've got plenty of stitching time on the train!

We've applied for a house today so hopefully soon we'll be able to set up home again. Saying that I then won't have no telephone or internet access because we can't afford to have them put back on at the moment. We also have no bed, settee or wardrobes because we got rid of ours when we moved into the last house. The 3pc suite wouldn't fit there and needed throwing out anyway. It had fitted wardrobes so we sold ours and his bro (whose house it was) said we could have the bed that was there so we gave ours to a neighbour. (He then changed his mind last week saying the bed was never ours to keep.) My mum is lending us a bed and settee to start us off though.

Anyways, now I think I'm up to date with everything that's happened lately. Except my rabbit Arthur. I'll have to upload my pics of him. He's well cute! I can't at the moment cos my PC is in my gran's garage somewhere with all my pics on it. Never mind.

Now I just need to hope and pray that we get the house we've applied for and that things start looking up.

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