Thursday, May 24, 2007

Disaster has struck!

I'm gutted! With all the mayhem trying to pack on the weekend I smashed my Autumn sampler. I went to put it in a box and I heard a crunch - cracked all the glass. So back to the framers it's gone. I was so angry I almost cried.
I'm also gutted because I'm leaving behind my LNS which I love. Kathy and her daughter Michelle, who have taken over the shop, are so friendly and helpful. If you need anything they'll do anything they can to help.
I've finished part of my gift for my SS and wound all my bobbins this week so far. At the moment I'm having to travel 45 mins each way to work on the train so plenty of stitching time.
Anyway I have to go my sis needs the PC.

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