Monday, February 05, 2007

Not enough time and boxes.

Well not only is it 8 weeks to our wedding we are also moving on the 24th February! It's a long story but basically Craig's bro has got back with his partner and so is renting out his house. Being family he asked us first and we don't have to pay a deposit or any rent in advance. Yay!
The house is MUCH nicer! It's about the same size overall with some rooms smaller and others bigger. It has a proper hallway, a fire in the living room, a fitted kitchen, lots of storage space, a SHOWER (I'm SO happy about this!). The garden is still just a back yard but the walls are much higher so it's more secure and enclosed and it has a shed and a decent size rockery. I'm already planning what I'm going to grow there!

So I was doing pretty well packing until I ran out of boxes. The house is a total mess but I've given up caring. Our new house will be tidy and junk free I swear! I'm also still trying to battle with my ironing. I want it all done by the time we move.

I also this weekend acquired a new baby rabbit and 'accessories' - hutch etc. From a friend at our local pub. So excited! I haven't had rabbits since I was in school! We don't have it yet she's looking after it until we move but I'm excited! Wish I could feel the same about the wedding but at the moment it's more worry over will we have enough money for everything?!

Anyway, that's my quick update for now. Better get back to what I was actually supposed to be doing!

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