Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New finish

I finally did my Jo Verso sampler! I've had this chart for years and I've never got round to stitching it for myself properly. Well, I got the fabric at the show the other week so I started it and it took me no time at all. It's my 6th Project Challenge finish - only 4 to go. Well, I'm getting more finishes done but the no stash rule is totally not working! LOL

Apart from that I've been slowly winding bobbins on the bus to and from places. I'm in the 800s now. I will get them all done eventually! I also started a new project last night. I got two Sunshine Line kits - one baby boy and one baby girl - to do for some new babies. Won't say who not to give it away. I've got 6 weeks to do the baby girl one so I spent most of yesterday evening sorting out the floss and beads. Talk about a difficult job! How on earth are you supposed to distinguish between the colours China Rose, Carmine Rose, Antique Rose and Raspberry??! It was a case of find the symbols on the chart and look at the picture to work it out. I finally did two lengths of thread before crashing out.

Anyway that's about all my stitching news. Not very exciting because I'm spending pretty much the rest of my time doing wedding stuff and packing!


Meari said...

Yup, I think you blew the 'no stash' rule outta the water. LOL *whistling and looking the other way*

Azzie said...

Yep but no thanks to your wonderful enabling! :)