Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Special Commission

While I was at the club the other night sorting out my Heartstrings with the framing guy one of the other members approached me. He asked about my stitching and then asked me if I would take on this special commission.

This is a piece his wife had been stitching before she passed away and he has asked me would I finish it. It's embroidery rather than cross stitch but only needs a small amount finishing on it. He also gave me a bag with boxes full of old threads and 2 small hoops. Well of course I said yes. It's quite pretty. I'm gonna sort out the thread and wind it all on bobbins when I get the chance and finish this up for him. It shouldn't take me more than an evening. The stitching that is not the sorting threads. I feel quite honoured to be asked to do this.


Jenn said...

What a pretty piece. That is so nice of you to be willing to finish it. I know it will mean so much to her husband.

Barb said...

This piece is so pretty. I'm sure your husband likes it.