Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm so excited!! I finally got a job. It's only part time but it's better than sitting round the house all day. I went for an interview for a new Primark store that's opening in town quite a few weeks ago now. I was there 3 1/2 hours by the time I got through the group interview to the individual interview. I got a letter last week saying there were no jobs available for my skills and experience then today I get a phone call to say a job had come free!!! It's 2-6pm Monday to Friday so 20 hours in all. I don't have to get up early in the mornings and I still have my evenings free! Oh I'm so happy!! For now I am going to work 2 jobs and keep my part time job on the weekend but I will have to see how that goes financially. It might not be worth it cos of the amount of tax deducted. I can't wait to tell Craig when he gets home! My wages will be going straight into our savings to pay for the wedding. So excited!!!!


Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom said...

Congrats on the Job!


Anonymous said...

that's wonderful! good luck on your new job.


Angharad said...

Thanks! xx