Monday, August 15, 2011

A long catch up!

So I got a little behind with everything and I am only now getting to update so this may be a little long but lots of pics so hang in there ;)

First the Lizzie Kate exchange. Here's what I eventually sent...

...and Vicky sent me this gorgeous plaque which is now hanging in my living room. 
Thank you!

I haven't been to pick up the finish I left at the framers but I have finished the next one I wanted to frame the same. What does everyone think? I wasn't too sure when I first changed the colours to red but I think it's turned out okay...

I started on Sophie's sampler too which is the matching one to the framing dilemma one.

I haven't got a whole lot done really but it's better than nothing. I've got some sewing projects to fit in as well. Altering school trousers since Seren is starting school in September and I could only get smallest age 3 and I need to take about 4 inches off them! I bought her some new bedroom furniture to make her room a bit more grown up and I got lined curtains half price too. They were too small but I've taken one curtain apart and intend to make a roman blind with it and the other one I'm going to make some cushions and bunting. Sounds fab but I am a novice so watch this space for the eventual finishes if I get that far LOL!

Happy stitching everyone :)


Jennifer Wright said...

I think red was the right choice. It looks fabu!!!

Jennifer Wright said...

I think red was the right choice. It looks fabu!!!

htimcj said...

Great stitching!

Shelley said...

Awesome exchanges!!