Thursday, May 26, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

I haven't got any stitching done this week yet. Mainly because I've not been well but I've suddenly got a load of projects and things to do and I don't know where to start. I got the chart to do my Lizzie Kate exchange but I went through my entire box of fabric and still couldn't decide what to stitch it on. I pulled all the threads for it so at least that was something. I found my working copy and leftover threads from my birth sampler that I need to stitch a 2nd of, I even cut out the fabric needed since I'd got the box out anyway. That was as far as I got. I still can't decide on the framing though my foam board arrived so at least I can lace it up.

I have been on a little spending spree on Ebay and got one or two magazines though. One was on my wanted list and the other was an issue I had fancied and didn't buy. Since I was in a proper newsagents at the time I decided to buy a professional childcare magazine instead (not often I get the chance). Wish I had bought it though so I looked online and landed up paying nearly double the retail price on Ebay. No backorders available so it was obviously a much sought after issue. I got my eye on one more but that'll be my last.

What I really need is a night (or a few) in front of the sewing machine. I've a whole heap of stuff that needs doing. If I would get myself off the computer one evening it may actually happen. I may even get some stitching done!


Always smiling said...

Hi Angharad,

when you don't feel like stitching it is so hard to get into it, but I try to just do a little and then the mojo arrives!
What did you decide about the frame?
And the Chatelaine Sal is another group to stitch along with our Chatelaine Charts.. if you haven't seen any just look it up, They are beautiful but complicated. I have had mine for over two years and it cost an arm and a leg, but I was too afraid to start it!! LOL
Anyway hope you're feeling better soon
Stitchy (((hugs)))

Chris x

Angharad said...

Thanks Chris. I Googled Chatelaine and in the end downloaded some freebies. See what you mean about the cost though! Maybe one day... Been too busy stitching for my exchange to worry about the frame LOL!