Saturday, January 01, 2011

Stitching Goals 2011

I'm hoping to stitch a lot more this year now I've got back into doing some again. I really need to get some WIPs done out of the way so I can do some real nice stuff for myself. I definately want to finish Baby Boy Sunshine Line for my nephew Freddie and Feathers & Friends for my mum. I've also got a lot of little projects that are ancient that I want to finish and get out of my project box. I'm thinking I will actually make a start on Monopoly and our wedding sampler United in Love too. I'll probably work on some other WIPs too but these are my main goals at the moment anyway.

  • Baby Boy Sunshine Line
  • Feathers & Friends
  • Peacock bookmark - to make up
  • Teresa Wentzler bookmark - finish and make up
  • Bluetit card cover kit
  • Tom Mouse cover kit
  • Country Diary cover kit
  • Start on Monopoly
  • Start on United in Love

1 comment:

Katrien said...

Good luck on your stitching goals, you can do it! :)