Thursday, December 23, 2010

Something nice for someone special

This has been my travelling cross stitch for quite a few years now and I finally finished it on a trip to Manchester and back for a concert. It's part of a series of 3 called Heartstrings. I stitched the first one and had it framed and sent to Deborah Markham, an incredible lady that is in the same online group as me. I stitched the second one to go in a RAK quilt the group members stitched up for her also. It's always been my plan to stitch and frame the 3rd so finally here it is. 

So, Deborah if you're reading this it'll be winging it's way across the pond very soon and I hope you like it as much as the first one!

On a crafty but non stitchy note...I haven't felt like much stitching since finishing Heartstrings but I broke out the scrapbooking supplies and spent an evening making the 'daddy' page. I'm very new to this scrapbooking lark so my pages aren't very fancy at the moment. You can't see so much of the details in these photos but you get the idea :)

Here's the first ever scrapbooking page I did!

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