Saturday, November 20, 2010

New home needed

Would anyone like this piece of stitching? I did it a while back for someone else but then they didn't want it so it's free to a loving home anywhere in the world. Please leave a comment if you would like it. If there's a lot of people wanting it then I'll put everyone's names in a hat and draw one.


Donna's Stitching said...

I love it my hubby is on oxgen and we always have to tell people no smoking I would love to hang it in my home thanks Donna

Gretchen said...

I would love it!!

angel parker said...

How sad that someone didn't want it. My very first cross stitch piece was a non smoking sign that said, "if you smoke, I might croak." Naturally it had a frog on it. I hope that you find a wonderful home for it.

crossstitchbibs said...

I love it!! If you can even tell me where you got the pattern I would appreciate it.


Janet Stanko

Deborah said...

I can not believe some one would have the crude manners (sounds like this person had NO manners) to do such a thing!! Obviously, not a stitcher who sincerely appreciates the amount of YOU that went in to this piece. I have to have oxygen in my home and it would be a perfect piece!! I would surely give it the best of homes!!
Love and Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

I too have to be on oxygen and would love to be included in a drawing for this lovely piece. What a wonderful way to requst visitors not to smoke. I even have a spot picked out for it. If I do not win will you share the chart?
Manteo, NC

Katrien said...

That's a nice piece! How crude that they didn't want it.