Saturday, April 21, 2007

Newly wed stitcher!

Well a LOT has happened since my last update. I've moved house, got married, been on honeymoon...not much stitching though LOL!

Well I made up 8 drawstring bags for the wedding and managed to stitch names on 6 of them. (We were still stitching the morning of the wedding, me and my mum that is, but run out of time to finish them!) Unfortunately I don't have any pics of them. :(

I've done some stitching on my Sunshine Line Baby Girl kit but it's now become a whenever I finish it pressie. I also finished a small UFO whilst on honeymoon. It's an old Flower Fairy cover kit that came with a free mount. Well it's been sent to framers this week so I'll get a pic when it's back. I'm giving it to my new next door neighbour who knows a little girl who loves fairies.

Well that's it nothing much exciting. Maybe I'll start getting more stitching done now all the wedding stuff is nearly over. Here's hoping....

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