Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nearly back to normality...

Well, the holidays are over once again. I'm so glad! I haven't had the chance to post in a while so there's a lot to update.

We've finally got most of the house maintenance out of the way. After the terrible job the guys did we got the contracting manager out to see the state they made. They ruined the carpets and have got plaster or something all down the front of our washing machine (which is only 4 month old) which won't come off. Since then they've replaced the kitchen carpet (by gluing down new carpet over the old one I might add). Still haven't done nothing about our washing machine (which we want replaced). And decorated the kitchen, under stairs and stairwell/landing. If you call it decorating. I'm not even exaggerating here's some pics of what they did. Needless to say we spent another week afterwards re-painting the kitchen properly. We haven't done the stairs/landing yet cos we need more paint.

Anyway, now all the Christmas stuff is gone I've finally got the downstairs of the house clean, tidy, organised and back to normal. Now I'm working on the upstairs of the house. And still the ironing. Ugh! It was my end of year goal to get it all done but now it's end of January!

I still hate my job but haven't had the time to look for anything new. Though I am looking at signing up for a book keeping course to 'upskill' as they put it. Not that I need to upskill, I've enough qualifications to sink a battleship. How I can't manage to find a decent job I'll never know!

Anyway I think that's most of the main things updated for now...

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