Friday, January 19, 2007

A good stitchy week :)

I've had fun this week! I did a bit of stitching on two UFOs - Moonlight Bay and Feathers & Friends. Here's some pics:

I decided Tuesday I wanted to make a bookmark for a young girl in the book study group I go to and it's been fun! I designed and put it all together myself and I'm dead chuffed with it. I stitched it on 28ct Jobelan with some floss from my floss exchange. It was Caron Watercolours 'Potpourri' and I did the Bible verse on the back with DMC 326. Then I stitched the seam on my sewing machine. (Getting it right the 3rd time.)

This is my first finish of 2007 and 5th in my Project Challenge! Though I now have to make a confession and hang my head in shame... I broke my no stash rule.

In all fairness it's really Meari's fault as she kindly enabled the group by posting about her stash for sale blog. ;) So naturally I had a look, one thing led to another and now I have 103 skeins of DMC winging their way across the pond to me!! And I saved myself £50 odd, in the process! And the very best bit...I only need 21 more DMC to finish my entire set!! Craig was also quite the enabler when assuring me it's ok because you'll need them for all your projects...well, I don't need 103 colours for anything and not for anything I'm working on now but if he says it's ok...who am I to argue??

I've also started another stitchy/sewy project. There's gonna be about half dozen children at our wedding all under 4 years old so for favours we've decided to give them something to keep them occupied during the speeches and other boring bits. So, I'm making drawstring bags with their names cross stitched on them. I've made one bag so far but want to get some more of the Caron Watercolours floss to do the names. It will be my first attempt at using waste canvas so it should be fun!

I think that's it. Now I'm looking forward to getting all that floss to wind on bobbins! :(


Meari said...

Hey, don't blame me if you don't have self control! I simply let you know that I had excess floss. :D Congrats on your finish!

Azzie said...

LOL Thanks! :)