Thursday, September 14, 2006

Winding bobbins

Well this week I'm trying to reach a few major goals. One of them is to wind all the floss I have lying around onto bobbins. Last Saturday I spent the entire afternoon sat out in the sun winding bobbins and now have a nice tan on my arms! The last few days I've been winding them while watching tv or checking e-mails. I'm getting there slowly. Anyway, I'll be well chuffed when they're done cos that means I've reached one of my goals!! The others aren't really stitchy related so I won't go there. I'm getting ever nearer to finishing the first half of Heart Strings. For such a small piece it's taken me ages and ages to do. I've just got some backstitch and the wings to finish and then it's off to the framers. I can really get going on the second half then. I want to get back into stitching Feathers & Friends too but we'll have to see how everything else goes. Anyway I'm gonna go and get on with winding my bobbins.

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Meari said...

Are you done winding yet? ;)