Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My pet spider!

It seems we have a pet spider in our house. We saw the same size spider in our bedroom last week but then scared it away. Today I went to get the hoover from the corner and there it was again, same huge spider! This time I managed to snap him before he ran off. Seriously this spider is HUGE!

Anyway, today I started with the best of intentions. My new goal - to iron, iron, iron. My ironing pile is all the clothes we own apart from what's ironed and put away, about half dozen items in the laundry basket and some in the dryer. Can't you tell I hate ironing!!!

Anyway, I'm not moving any of it until it's all done and put away. Even if it takes me the rest of the night! I got way laid earlier and cleared out and re arranged the cupboard in the spare room. Which is also one of my goals but for another day. Oh well, it's done now. At least I managed to get all the holiday stuff in one place on top of the wardrobe. All the 'memory box' stuff in the cupboard along with my various folders and finally, the bottom of the cupboard is my new hiding place for all the stuff I keep for crafts/junk modelling. Craig hates me keeping boxes and bits. Now he won't notice. He never goes in that cupboard lol!

Well I better start on the ironing or Craig won't have no where to sit when he gets home!


Anonymous said...

that looks like a great pile of ironing. hope you didn't have a hard time.

i have a little confession, i don't know how to iron clothes. my mom never taught me and i've never learned ever since. the maid does the ironing. there was a time when the maid had to go on vacation and i was concerned about all the ironing job. good thing my husband knows how. my husband was there to the rescue. hope you don't think i'm such a terribe wife.


Angharad said...

LOL I still haven't finished it - Craig has moved it behind the settee!

My parents were quite strict about housework so by the time we (me and my sis) were 16 we had to do all our own laundry. Being a student for 5 years also makes you learn to wash, iron, cook etc. pretty fast lol!