Monday, August 14, 2006

Stitchy update and Pacman

Well I've hardly done any stitching since my last update. I got one good day in where I almost finished the 1st half of Heart Strings and that's about it. I think my Feathers & Friends will have to be given up on as a September deadline as the next 2 weeks are gonna be pretty cross stitch free. Between finishing up my college work, applying for jobs, doing the one I've got and visiting Craig's brother next week I won't have much time. Think I'll have to stick to the cake section in the show this year instead LOL!

Anyway, today while surfing the net I found this real funny Pacman related video. It's a bit 'off topic' but I wanted to share. I think it should be in a separate post if what I just did works. Um...well we'll see! Otherwise I'll post a link LOL!

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