Monday, July 31, 2006

Welcome to my new stitchy blog!

So I decided my other blog was awful and I wanted something just for my stitchy stuff so here it brand new stitchy blog! So anyway... you should know that I'm well into my cross stitching. I have enough projects lined up to sink a battleship!

At the moment I'm working on 2 different projects. One is called 'Heart Strings' and is for a very dear friend of mine. Can't say much more about that one as it's a surprise! The other is a chart by Butternut Road called 'Feathers & Friends'. This is actually something my mother bought years ago with the intention of stitching. She never got round to it and now her arthritis is too bad to stitch so I have taken over. I've been putting some serious work into it lately and am hoping (against the odds a bit) that I can finish it by September.

Until I figure out how to post pictures (I can't get it to work a minute - I think I'm being thick...) you can access my photos through my links here.

Feel free to take a can see my ugly mug too :)

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