Monday, July 31, 2006

My LONG project list!

So while I was trying to get some pics uploaded I typed up my list of cross stitch projects. It's a bit long.... I counted WIPs as anything I'm doing *right now* and UFOs as anything started and I'm not working on. The ones with stars are for other people. The other headings are self explanatory really...

Butternut Road - Feathers & Friends*
Heart Strings*

L&L - The Wedding*
Mirabilia - Mother’s Arms
Permin of Copenhagen - Seaside Boy
TW Celtic bookmark
DMC – Forget-me-not Tablecloth*
Dimensions – Soaring Spirit (tapestry)
Craft Collection – Moonlight Bay
Poppy Coasters*
Flower Fairy Kit

Ready to do
DMC – White Rose
Janlynn – Collecting Shells
Anchor – Humphrey’s Corner – Lottie & Lulu Dolly
DMC – Tiger on the Rock*
DMC – All Our Yesterdays – I See Ships
DMC – Hydrangea and Rose with mounts
DMC – Tulip and Iris with mounts
Anchor – Miserable Old Twit Twoo
Sailing Boat
Cora's Birth Sampler*
DMC – Pink Rose

Finish kitting up
Spring Sampler
Summer Sampler
Winter Sampler
Celtic Spirit Sampler*
Native American Sampler*
United In Love for our wedding
Stitchers Sayings
Jo Verso Sampler
Christmas Wreath Cards*
Winnie the Pooh birth sampler*
L&L - The Wedding*

This year I'm hoping to finish both the ones I'm working on now, along with the Forget-me-not Tablecloth, Christmas Wreath cards for close family, Winnie the Pooh birth sampler and possibly if I can manage it the Native American Sampler. I also want to finish my (2nd!) L&L 'The Wedding', Cora's birth sampler and my poppy coasters by March next year. After that I'm going to finally get round to doing some projects for myself, well, hopefully!! I've not got much to do really..........

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